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Welcome to Innovative HealthCare Physicians, founded by Board Certified OBGYN John C. Wirth III, MD, in 2006. Dr. Wirth has been a resident and physician practicing in Lower Manhattan for almost 20 years. Our goal is to provide Obstetric & Gynecology care that is individualized to each patient's specific needs. In 2009, the practice welcomed Dr. Lina Pilshchik in order to continue offering our patients the highest level of medical care. Appreciating the essential role each patient serves in reaching the safest & healthiest outcomes in their care, the physicians at Innovative HealthCare Physicians discuss, explain and examine all options available for each patient. Our doctors have received national recognition and honors based on patient surveys, and we appreciate the opportunity to be of service to you!


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Obstetrics Services:

High Risk Pregnancy

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Gynecology Services:

Well Woman Exams

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Juliet Laser Treatment

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Leep Procedure

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Abnormal Periods (Menstrual Cycle)

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Abnormal Uterine Bleeding

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Menopause Management

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Vaginal Infections And UTI

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The Essentials of a Birth Plan

The basics of a successful birth plan begins with an early start. Advance plans for pregnancy provide a greater opportunity to reaching the goals for the delivery you aspire. Impacts are highest when meeting your doctor even before attempting conception.

Should all birth control be available Over the Counter?

Birth control is a medication no matter how familiar patients are with its existence. Knowing an individual's unique health history, concerns and goals is essential to the role of a physician in assisting someone towards finding the best choice.

Is Telemedicine Good Medicine?

Telemedicine is an excellent & convenient method to contact a health provider as long as a patient can appreciate its limitations.

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