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The Essentials of a Birth Plan

Why is the classic overnight success story more realistically achieved through a process 10 years in the making?  It is because preparation helps avoid preventable errors, failed attempts and misconceptions.  Now I am not saying that you'll need to dedicate years towards optimizing the outcome of your pregnancy but sadly more than two-thirds of patients schedule their first visit regarding pregnancy after they are already pregnant.

The significant benefits of meeting your doctor prior to conception can not be ignored or under estimated.  A visit directed towards your unique medical conditions, previous pregnancies, gynecologic history, family history or prior attempts to concieve, name just a few of the areas that will be investigated.

Most patients are not aware that preventative steps taken prior to conception can reduce certain birth defects or that certain at risk patients can reduce the occurence or severity of some medical complications related to pregnancy including preterm delivery.  Again it is with advance planning that these outcomes can be realized.

Since a birth plan is frequently designed in the later half of pregnancy after to a high degree the outcome of the pregnancy has already been set in motion, my recommendation would be to be more proactive and consideration be made to birth pre-planning or preparation prior to pursuing conception.

Your efforts can yield more promising results and may hopefully result with a delivery that stands a better chance to fulfill your wishes.

Mary Park MD Dr. Park is a board certified Obstetrician-Gynecologist based in lower Manhattan. She completed her OBGYN residency training at New York-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital. Her areas of interest include finding individual solutions to the challenges caused by uterine fibroids and approaches to the treatment of endometriosis. She is a highly qualified expert in evaluating and treating a variety of uterine conditions while incorporating visualization of the uterus through a combination of hysteroscopy and ultrasound.

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