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High Risk Pregnancy Specialist

Dr. Pilshchik is a leading obstetrician in New York City, helping women facing high-risk pregnancies monitor their health and the health of their developing babies so they can minimize potential risks and complications.

High Risk Pregnancy Q & A

What is considered a “high-risk” pregnancy?

A high-risk pregnancy is a pregnancy in which the developing baby, the mother or both may have medical issues or other concerns that could interfere with a healthy pregnancy, fetal development or delivery. Dr. Pilshchik offers high-risk obstetrics services to help women manage their pregnancies closely so they can reduce the risks to themselves and their babies.

What conditions contribute to high-risk pregnancies?

High-risk pregnancies pregnancies that involve women who:

  • are older, usually above age 35
  • carrying multiple babies in a single pregnancy
  • are obese
  • have high blood pressure or diabetes before pregnancy
  • develop high blood pressure during pregnancy
  • have gestational diabetes
  • have large, symptomatic fibroids
  • have a history of multiple prior miscarriages

Problems involving the placenta can also result in high-risk pregnancies.

What can I do to reduce my chances of having a high-risk pregnancy?

The best way to reduce your risks of a high-risk pregnancy is to make sure you're in the best of health before you get pregnant, including taking steps to manage chronic health conditions like high blood pressure, stopping smoking and losing weight. Once you're pregnant, it's also important to make sure you see Dr. Pilshchik for every visit so she can monitor your health and the development of your baby.

How does Dr. Pilshchik help patients with high-risk pregnancies?

Dr. Pilshchik typically sees high-risk patients more frequently than other patients so she can perform frequent monitoring and testing of both the mother's health and the health and development of the baby. Depending on your risk factors, ultrasounds, urinalysis, blood work and genetic testing can all help identify possible risks and health issues. Regular prenatal care is vital to identifying potential problems early so they can be treated.

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    "He is, undoubtedly, one of the best listeners I've seen in the medical profession, and all the staff at his office is top-notch."

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