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Although benign, fibroids can still cause problems like heavy or irregular periods, and in some cases, they may even have an impact on fertility. Dr. Wirth has extensive experience in diagnosing and treating uterine fibroids in his New York City patients so they can enjoy optimal health.

Fibroids Q & A

What causes fibroids?

The causes of fibroids, non-cancerous tissue growths that vary in shape and size, are unknown, but research indicates fluctuations in hormone levels and genetics likely play major roles. Fibroids are more likely to develop during a woman's reproductive years, and many women may have tiny fibroids and not even know it.

What symptoms are associated with fibroids?

Many fibroids don't cause any symptoms, but when they do, symptoms can include:

  • abnormal or heavy menstrual bleeding
  • prolonged periods
  • pain or pressure in the pelvic region
  • frequent urge to urinate
  • problems emptying the bladder
  • backache
  • constipation

The type of symptoms experienced can vary based on the size, number and location of the fibroids.

How are fibroids treated?

When fibroids are symptomatic, they can be treated using several methods, including:

  • surgical removal
  • uterine artery embolization to cut off the blood flow to fibroids
  • ablation
  • hormone therapy

The type of treatment depends in part on how large the fibroids are, how many there are, where they're located and whether you're through having children. Dr. Wirth will carefully review all your information before recommending a treatment approach.

If I have fibroids, can I still have a baby?

In most cases, fibroids will not have any effect on your ability to conceive or carry a baby to term; however, if you do have fibroids while you're pregnant, Dr. Wirth will want to monitor you closely to see if the fibroids begin to grow or cause other issues with your pregnancy or your baby's health and development. If you have a history of fibroids, it's a good idea to discuss pregnancy-related issues with Dr. Wirth prior to becoming pregnant; if you're already pregnant, be sure Dr. Wirth knows about your personal or family history of fibroids.

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