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The Menopause Guide

The New York Times recently wrote on the impact of a doubling of the life expectancy in the last 100 years. For you personally, it means that concievably a woman could spend a greater portion of her entire life in menopause than in any other phase of her life.  What was once a fairly brief period of ones life is now becoming the predominant focus towards improving their health outcomes and quality of life.

With this emphasis comes the need to examine your current medical condition. As a physician interested in maintaining or improving your health, I want to understand your current status.  A systems based approach would be a good start. How is your cardiac & pulmonary function?  Any changes in your mood, memory or energy? Do you have concerns with your bladder or vaginal tone & support? What steps are your taking to maintain bone strength? Many more questions are pursued but this is part of an intake to assessing what areas need to be addressed.

With this awareness, I would then outline steps to be undertaken in attending to these needs.  For some areas, it may involve lifestyle adjustments and for other changes there may be improvement with medication remembering that while changes  in menopause involve changes in hormone production, solutions are not solely based on replacing one hormone only. Other solutions may be reached with active treatments (read about the Juliet laser under the Services sub tabs on our website) or other corrective surgeries.

Three principles I try to adhere with are  (1) the experience of menopause is individual and so will be the solutions (2) even in regards to solving a particular concern related to menopause, there should not be a "one size fits all" approach (3) achieving a proper balance between a combination of preventative & curative medicine can be optimized towards reaching optimal health during the menopausal period.

Let's start a dialogue towards identifying the issues and finding solutions for you.


Lina Pilshchik DO Dr. Pilshchik is a board certified Obstetrician-Gynecologist based in lower Manhattan. She completed her OBGYN residency training at NYU Langone Brooklyn. Her areas of interest include optimizing pregnancy through preconceptual evaluation & counseling and overall health improvement in addressing individual medical conditions such as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). She is a highly qualified expert in treating conditions related to vaginal relaxation & atrophy through the FDA approved laser device, Juliet from Cutera.

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