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5 Keys for Birth Control

As we encounter less social distancing & a rise in new relationships , we are seeing an increase in the demand for starting/restarting birth control.

With this new reset, I ask you to consider these 5 key factors in choosing the "right" birth control for you.

1. Be prepared to discuss with us your birth control history.  What have you used (brand name or dosages are helpful)? What did you like or dislike about that method? Every person has a unique history that helps in deciding whether a restart or a different approach is best.

2. What is your current understanding about birth control.  With an abundance of so much information both accurate & inaccurate , how  do you cut through the noise and allow youself to reach a decision? It starts with getting a balanced presentation of the correct information.  Being involved in womens' health for over a decade has provided me with an insight I can pass on to my patients.

3. What are your reproductive goals for the future?  My recommendations are based to a large degree on helping my patients meet their needs.  Not everyone begins birth control with the same expectations so there is a need to assess someone's goals in order to realize them.  Many times the lack of a full discussion leads to a one size fits all approach and avoidable missteps.

4. Finding the best birth control for you may require some patience and an acceptance for trial & error. Most times the first choice works to the satisfaction of my patients but not everyone finds the right fit on the first try.  This is where an appropriately timed follow up allows a proper re-evaluation including an exam or checking vital signs when needed to see that I am helping my patients establish the best care possible.

5. Using birth control is not then placed on auto pilot after you fill the first prescription.  There are changes to be expected potentially in your body's reaction to birth control over time.  Interval follow up allows this discussion to continue to make sure that your selected contraception continues to meet your evolving needs and you gain an appreciation as to whether certain changes are a normal response to your present birth control choice.


Mary Park MD Dr. Park is a board certified Obstetrician-Gynecologist based in lower Manhattan. She completed her OBGYN residency training at New York-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital. Her areas of interest include finding individual solutions to the challenges caused by uterine fibroids and approaches to the treatment of endometriosis. She is a highly qualified expert in evaluating and treating a variety of uterine conditions while incorporating visualization of the uterus through a combination of hysteroscopy and ultrasound.

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